The Adventures of Nonsenze

  • Names: Nonsenze / Dork Geniuz / Game Dork / Christopher Neely

  • Super Powers: Rapper / Writer / Producer / Geek / Gamer / Podcaster

  • Genre(s): Hip-Hop, Nerdcore, Comedy, Rap.

  • Bat Cave (Location): Torrance, California, Planet Earth


Born in the 80s, raised in the 90s, Nonsenze (The Rapper) aka Dork Geniuz (The Producer) is a California based Hip-Hop/Nerdcore/Comedy Rapper/Producer/Writer & Gamer, who gets 99.9 percent influence from 90s rap, Stoner & Geek Culture.


Admittedly obsessed with video games, comics &, zombie flicks, Nonsenze uses such influences to infuse his songwriting, production, and word-play with much skill & creative humor. Nonsenze can write a song about writing a song about MacGruber in an Uber


Becoming Nonsenze

 Born (Christopher Neely) , & raised in the 80's 90's in Los Angeles California, I have always been a dork highly influences by 90s Hip-Hop & Pop Culture. Over-time, I have come to consider myself somewhat of a professional dork/geek/gamer/Hip-Hop producer/Artist and writer bla bla bla lol. I grew up listening to and loving all genres of music, but I ended up writing my first rap after my cousin let me hear some of his new records at age 13 in 97. This was a great year when a lot of dope Hip-Hop acts of that era were dropping classics like Wu-Tang Clans" Wu-Tang Forever, 36 Mafia's Chapter 2: World Domination, Twista's" Adrenaline Rush, Eminems Slim Shady Ep which set me on the path to becoming Nonsenze.  It should be noted that Artists like Eminem, Redman, Ludacris & Odd Future, Tiera Whack, Lil Dicky are the main catalysts to the very odd & animated artist formally known as "Nonsenze that  I have become today.  





















Being a dork while also growing up in a musically talented family, my main inspiration for music has always come from such facets as 90's Hip-Hop & R&B, video games, zombie flicks, marijuana, rock music, movies & basically all things geek culture.


As Dork Geniuz (the producer/writer) I produce, write, record, mix & master all my own material as well as provide these services for others. As the rapper Nonsenze I have always been influenced by more animated artists like Eminem, Redman, Ludacris O.D.D Future, MegaRan, Mf Doom. Tiera Whack & Lil Dicky to name a few.









Coming up in an era of Hip-Hop where it was extremely important to sound very different than the last artist, I have tried to utilize what I've learned from the greats of the past, present & future (that's right I can time travel ssshh) at an attempt to inspire more artists to find that spark of creativity from within. I just love writing and am extremely humbled when I get any kind of feedback whatsoever and thankful to any of you who become loyal fans and part of the #DorkSqwad . I appreciate all those who share and spread my music so that others may get inspired to do the same. 


From my music, beats gaming, future podcasts and more, I don't intend on stopping anytime soon as my talent just keeps growing...


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