20 % Dork 80% Geniuz

Sale "All Beats Are $60 exclusive

 $100 if Trackouts Needed


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I may be a dork in the head but I am a genius with the beats,i.e Dork Geniuz. No no matter what type of beat you need, A Dork got you (fist bump) lol. I will work until I have something new, dope, different and interesting. I can do original or sampled beats upon request. All beats are now non-exclusive $50 which include an mp3 & wav but its 100 for exclusive rights & track-outs included.



Need a beat replaced that you can no longer use or perhaps you want that new mixtape joint you just made to stand out more than everyone else's? I can make you something new and original provided your acapella that will turn heads and possibly even get the attention of the original artist...All remixes or beat replacement is only $60.



Need Mixing & Or Mastering. Let me take your song to the next level and make it sound presentable to a wider audience that will take you seriously. I mix and master all my own material so you only need look to that for evidence of my abilities. Mixing and mastering are just $50 bucks a song provided the mixdown, stems or session.

        VIDEOS +

    Mon-Fri 8-10pm Pt

Live Stream (Twitch)

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Tune In Mon-Fri 7pm-8pm & 8pm -10pm to watch my Nonsenze Music & Game Dork Plays Live Streams and catch me as I act a fool play games & or make beats live. I stream simultaneously to

Youtube, Twitch, Periscope, Mixer, Facebook & Instagram Live .



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