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Eat Sleep kill Killer Klownz From Outer Space


If you found this page or were invited here, I " Nonsenze, aka Dork Geniuz aka Game Dork aka Sir King Dork, here-by welcome & grant you honorary DorkSqwad Status.


You are a part of a chosen few hand picked by me to be a few of the first ears on my brand new album G4me Dork: Eat Sleep Kill Killer Klownz From Outer Space ".

I am enabling you to download this album early because you guys & girls are my true friends & fans  as I am yours but you appreciate everything I've put out.


Any feedback on your favs, singles, videos etc would be greatly appreciated and if you are a part of the #dorksqwad , help me spread this new project to the masses anyway you can. You may listen and download below 100% Free . Welcome to the Dork Sqwad.

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Game Dork : Eat Sleep Kill Killer Klownz From Outer Space is the 4rth Album is Nonsenze's Game Dork Mixtape/Album series injected with stoner , video game and geek culture. G4me Dork: Eat Sleep Kill killer Klownz From Outer Space is an even more space themed and ive upped the Nonsenze times 100. This album is equally For the Nerdcore connoisseur, Hip-Hop Head, & Trap Crowds as

there are many marvel & zombie themed tracks with dope hip-hop beats blended with 808-Bit madness lol...

This Album releases on 4/20 At 4:20 AM everywhere, right near Avengers End Game to keep up the hype.

If you dig the music, be sure to collect the whole Game Dork Mixtape/Album series located here as well as everywhere online.


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