Gam3DorkBlog (New Site New Goals)

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

#DorkSqwad Whut Up. Rapper/Producer/Gamer Nonsenze aka Dork Geniuz aka Game Dork here in the flesh lol...I am finally proud to say I have a website that combines everything I do and love all in one. Here you guys will be able to find and buy new merch, beats, listen to new music, watch my music & gaming streams, blogs podcasts & so much more.

I plan to grow this site into my one stop shop for everything I do as well as offer many services such as: video promo videos, moving album art & you can actually book me to perform straight from the site. I will be testing out things to see what does and doesn't work but for now I want to thank anyone who takes an interest in my craft and enjoys what I do. I do it for you guys..Be sure to follow me on social media.

#hiphop #hiphopscene #evolutionofhiphop #gamedork #dorkgeniuzbeatz #nerdcorehiphop

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